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In Casual Power, Sherry Maysonave gives guidelines for taking control of your image... full of wonderful suggestions and great tips-- perfect for getting the casual business look right. 

June Weir, former editor at Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Mirabella, The New York Times, Fashion Editor and Assistant Publisher of Women's Wear Daily and the first woman Vice President at Fairchild Publications.


dress code dvd video

“Brand a Positive Business Image”
Dress Code DVD and Video Series

dress code dvd video This three-part dress code dvd and video series provides a proven turn-key solution for enhancing your business image. You will learn how to project credibility and confidence in any working environment.

Dress Code DVD-Video one, Why Your Business Image Matters, is the motivational component that will convince anyone that their image is crucial and making an impact, either positive or negative. Using scientific studies and nonverbal communication elements, Sherry clearly illustrates why image is important in today’s fast-paced business arena.

Dress Code DVD-Video two, Success with Business Casual Attire, provides the roadmap to success, showing exactly what Business Casual looks are inappropriate and which ones are appropriate. Learn common mistakes that sabotage careers and empowering tips that give you the competitive edge.

Dress Code DVD-Video three, Success with Power Business Attire, is essential for sales teams, managers, executives, and other customer-facing personnel. It demonstrates how to establish instant credibility and authority, while inspiring trust and projecting confidence in traditional business settings—in any working environment.

The “Brand a Positive Business Image” series is a timeless resource, providing motivation and specific how-to information that will empower your team. It will pay for itself every time it is viewed. Put the power of image to work in your career.

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