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I am in sales and my manager recently spoke to me about the fit of my tops when I remove my jacket. She said that I looked appropriate from the front, but not from the back because of bra bulges, etc. She thinks I’m wearing my blouses and tops too tight, but I tried on larger sizes and bulges still showed on my back. What can I do?

It pays to watch your back; others do. Your manager has done you an enormous favor by suggesting that you upgrade your back landscape, as it’s an important part of your overall business image. It’s easy to forget the impact of our backside’s appearance because we cannot easily see it, especially the effects created when we move around. Yet, ignoring it is like only combing the front of your hair while leaving the back messy.

Bra-line bulges and other back rolls showing through clothing instantly downgrade any woman, both in professional and social settings. With today’s body-conscious fashions, lumpy backs are a problem for thousands of women, including women whose bras fit properly and even those who are slim and trim.

To upgrade your back landscape, I recommend that you try a line of back-smoothing bras called, “Sassybax” (www.Sassybax.com), designed specifically to eliminate bra-line bulges and other back rolls. While they offer numerous styles, take a look at the “Torso Trimmer” as it smoothes the back all the way down past the waist. These bras are high quality, very comfortable, and an excellent addition to any professional wardrobe. The Sassybax line is available in many stores and in the Bloomingdale’s by Mail catalog.

Keep in mind that how you present yourself on a daily basis becomes your personal brand. Today’s global business arena is highly competitive. To gain a viable edge, it’s prudent to invest time and money in the details of your business image, paying attention to both front and back views. Brand a positive and highly-professional business image every day and enjoy the benefits and rewards of success.


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