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It's a challenge to keep a large group of scientists and doctors interested, focused, and riveted to their chairs for 2.5 hours. Sherry did. They were not ready for it to end. She received the highest marks available from 100% of the attendees. We look forward to having Sherry back at our next annual conference. 

Melissa D. Toler, PharmD.
Medical Information Scientist
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

We have invited Sara Canaday to deliver Professional Presence presentations. She received very positive feedback and the group was genuinely interested in the research that she provided. She grabbed their attention immediately and was able to involve the audience. We received glowing feedback and would like Sara to continue to share her message with others in our firm. 

Nichelle (Taylor) McLemore
Deloitte Consulting LLP


Corporate Workshos

Dynamic Inspirational Seminars

Create a business image that is an asset instead of a liability. We will educate your staff using a fun motivational format on how to employ the essential elements of verbal and nonverbal communication. Results are immediate.

All workshops are customized to meet the specific needs of a group. View the list of our primary presentations, and then tell us what you want in your seminar. Varying session lengths are available.

We often receive request to include segments on building a wardrobe on a budget or the basics of business etiquette. If these are issues you would like, or if you have a different idea let us know and we we’ll discuss the options.

Succeed in a Business Casual Environment.
End the confusion around business casual dress in the workplace. This session shows exactly what casual attire sabotages you in a business environment and exactly what empowers you and why.
Professional Presence
Designed for people at all levels of management, this workshop teaches participants how to project a confident image befitting a leader. Participants will master image management concepts designed to create a more confident, polished, and professional presence.  This course focuses on a number of factors that contribute to leadership impact, including: first impressions, attire, body language, demeanor, attitude, emotional intelligence, communication skills, and business etiquette.
Winning the Game of Business
 Learn how to be “situationally sensitive” when meeting with varying clients in today’s diversified business environment. Learn how to command respect, inspire trust, project credibility and authority when you are dressed up and when you are dressed in business casual.
Dressed to Sell
A Special Workshop for Presentations Teams and Sales Groups
The most important thing you can do is present yourself in a way that makes people want to listen to your message. Learn how to use your image, demeanor, and emotional tone to communicate more effectively, be more influential, and increase overall sales achievements.
Emotional Intelligence: The Leadership Differentiator:
Intelligence Quotient (IQ) may predict a propensity for success in technical or scientific fields, but one’s Emotional Quotient™, or EQ™, may be a better predictor of workplace success. 

In this engaging workshop, Sara Canaday, certified in EQ™ assessment by Behavioral Health Strategies, reviews and imparts the key emotional and social skills that correspond to high emotional intelligence and ultimately more effective decision-making, communication & leadership influence. 

For more information about our consulting services contact
Sherry Maysonave (512)306-0178

Sherry Maysonave
is the most widely quoted expert on business image in the United States, including appearances on the Today Show, Business Week, InStyle Magazine and Men's Health.


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