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Business Casual Tips

Defining Your Business Presence:
Jeans in the Workplace

Jeans worn with t-shirts and sneakers place you in the danger zone of becoming a business casual casualty. If you aspire to have an executive level position, don't wear jeans in the workplace at all. If you and jeans are inseparable, make certain they are clean and crisp.

To exude casual power, wear jeans with a high-quality collared shirt, blouse, or pullover. Add all-leather shoes, all-leather belt, and a tailored jacket to brand a positive statement.

Additional Belt Tips With Jeans

  • For guys, your belt must be in the same color family as your shoes. (This is not true when you are wearing sneakers, but you're not really going to wear sneakers in the workplace anymore, are you?)
  • For gals, if your belt and shoes are in the same color family, you will look sharper and more pulled together.

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Defining Your Business Presence
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Jeans in the Workplace
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